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Set aside for so long by the MOD, the opening up of land for joint or private sector use in the Tidworth Area, has created numerous development and business opportunities.

Unencumbered by the past, and the usual problems of overcrowding and vested interest, the Tidworth Area offers a near blank canvas upon which entrepreneurs and others can paint pictures - and make their hopes and dreams come true.

In Tidworth, you will find a rare combination of qualities:

• More value for money: everything you might want, whether business space or a new home, is less expensive.

• More and better facilities: around £50 million has been invested over the last 5 years in facilities that are now the envy of the region. Another £100 million is due to be invested in the next five years.
• More space: this makes it uncrowded and puts less pressure on services.

This situation exists because land is plentiful and because of a unique mix of MOD and local government long term investment.
You will probably not be surprised to learn that the Tidworth Area is now the fastest growing community in Wiltshire.

More Access

Tidworth Area enjoys beautiful unspoilt countryside. And yet, because of its location close to major arterial routes, it is just:

• 5 minutes from the main A303 / M3 connection between London and the South West

• 1hr 10 minutes by train into London via the nearby stations of Andover, Grateley and Pewsey stations

• 40 minutes drive from Southampton International Airport & 90 minutes to Heathrow

Travelling to these destinations, you can enjoy empty peaceful roads. For us, traffic jams are part of folk legend - not a daily nightmare on the way to work!

With high speed broadband, Tidworth is already part of the global village. Our teleworkers partner with colleagues in San Francisco and Sydney as easily as they do with those in Salisbury and Southampton.


More Investment

There are many places with big fields and wide open spaces. But Tidworth Area offers something more: the long term commitment and investment of the public sector.

Now is the key moment. A few years ago MOD investment was concerned only with its own agenda. Now it is working in partnership, creating opportunities for entrepreneurial public and private sector partners.

We expect two types of people to be interested: those who see the opportunities and those who see the opportunities and do something about it.

We hope you will be one of the latter, because we want you to be part of our future in the Tidworth Area. Call our marketing team on: 01380 734823


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